More than $90,000 in cash up for grabs to vaccinated Mesa County residents, including two $500 CASH prizes each week!

Mesa County Public Health (MCPH) in conjunction with the Grand Junction Daily Sentinel announces a community vaccination effort in the form of a cash incentive campaign. Cash prizes, including twice a week $500 dollar prizes and a grand prize that could build up to $90,000 is up for grabs.

Cash incentive campaigns for vaccination have been announced in several states, including Colorado. Vaccinated individuals in Mesa County are already entered in Colorado’s Comeback Cash giveaway. 

Our local effort gives Mesa County residents a chance to cash in with prizes at twice per week intervals, giving those who choose to get the COVID-19 vaccine now even better odds to win. 

Plus, unlike any other contest, the more people who are vaccinated, the bigger the prize.  “Individual vaccination has a community benefit, we are encouraging vaccination for all residents 12 and older and thanks to our community partnerships are willing to put money upfront to help incentivize our community to protect themselves and others,” Jeff Kuhr, Executive Director of Mesa County Public Health said. 

The grand prize for the Big Shot giveaway will build, just like your protection from COVID-19 after vaccination. Between June 1 and July 31 for every fully vaccinated Mesa County resident, an additional dollar is added to the jackpot. If Mesa County reaches our goal to vaccinate 70 percent of eligible residents, we’ll give away 90-thousand dollars! In addition, we’ll select two winners every week (June 1 – July 31), with each getting a $500 cash prize. 

Those who have already been fully vaccinated have the opportunity to cash in too by entering to win the grand prize, which thanks to the number of fully vaccinated individuals in Mesa County, starts at $45,000.  “We’d love to double the number of fully vaccinated people in our community. If we do that the prize will double too, with 90K going to someone right here in Mesa County,” Kuhr added.

Visit to enter and to view contest rules and eligibility. 

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Más de $90,000 en efectivo disponibles para los residentes vacunados del condado de Mesa.

El Departamento de Salud Pública del Condado de Mesa (MCPH) junto con el Grand Junction Daily Sentinel anuncia un esfuerzo de vacunación comunitaria en forma de una lotería.. Los premios en efectivo, incluidos dos veces por semana $500 dólares y un gran premio que podría acumularse hasta $90,000 están en juego.

Se han anunciado loterías  para fomentar la vacunación en varios estados, incluyendo Colorado. Las personas vacunadas en el condado de Mesa ya están inscritas en el sorteo Comeback Cash de Colorado.

Nuestro esfuerzo local les brinda a los residentes del condado de Mesa la oportunidad de ganar premios en intervalos de dos veces por semana, dando mejores probabilidades de ganar a quienes eligen recibir la vacuna de COVID-19. 

Además, a diferencia de cualquier otro concurso, cuantas más personas se vacunen, mayor será el premio. “La vacunación individual tiene un beneficio para la comunidad, estamos fomentando la vacunación para todos los residentes mayores de 12 años y estamos dispuestos a poner dinero por adelantado para ayudar a incentivar a nuestra comunidad a protegerse a sí mismos y a los demás”, dijo Jeff Kuhr, Director Ejecutivo de Salud Pública del Condado de Mesa.

El gran premio de la lotería  se acumulará, al igual que su protección contra COVID-19 después de la vacunación. Entre el 1 de junio y el 31 de julio, por cada residente del condado de Mesa completamente vacunado, se agrega un dólar adicional al premio mayor. Si el condado de Mesa logra alcanzar nuestra meta de vacunar al 70 por ciento de los residentes elegibles, ¡daremos 90 mil dólares! Además, seleccionaremos dos ganadores cada semana (del 1 de junio al 31 de julio), y cada uno recibirá un premio en efectivo de $500 dólares.

Aquellos que ya han sido vacunados también tienen la oportunidad de ganar dinero ingresando para ganar el gran premio, que gracias a la cantidad de personas vacunadas en el condado de Mesa, comienza en $45,000. “Nos encantaría duplicar el número de personas completamente vacunadas en nuestra comunidad. Si hacemos eso, el premio también se duplicará, con 90K para alguien aquí en el condado de Mesa”, agregó Kuhr.

Visite para participar y ver las reglas y la elegibilidad del concurso.

We all win when our community is vaccinated.  This incentive campaign is a community partnership between Mesa County Public Health and supporting businesses including:

MCPH COVID-19 Vaccine Interest Form Tutorial

MCPH COVID-19 Vaccine Interest Form Tutorial

Do you qualify to get the COVID-19 vaccine under Colorado’s current vaccine distribution phase, but are unsure what to do next? We’ve got you covered- check out our step-by-step tutorial video on how to fill out the vaccine interest form on our website.

Keep in mind, this form does not allow you to set up a vaccination appointment- its purpose is to inform us you are interested in receiving the vaccine. Once you fill out the form, you will receive a confirmation email/call, and a Mesa County Public Health representative will contact you for vaccine appointment scheduling.

If this tutorial does not answer your question, please email us at or call us at 970-248-6900.


MCPH and Local Hospitals Discuss COVID-19 Vaccine Distribution Plan

MCPH and Local Hospitals Discuss COVID-19 Vaccine Distribution Plan

Mesa County Public Health and local hospitals shared a joint update on the COVID-19 vaccine distribution plan, which includes a mass vaccination point of dispensing (POD) location at the Grand Junction Convention Center. The POD will be open by appointment beginning Monday, January 25, 2021.

Top healthcare and public health officials discussed the current status of COVID-19 and vaccine distribution in Mesa County and the community’s response to the virus.

Representatives from SCL Health St. Mary’s, Community Hospital, Colorado Canyons Hospital and Medical Center, and the VA Western Colorado Medical Center were all in attendance.

Please visit the vaccine page of the Mesa County Public Health website for current, reliable information on COVID-19 as well as the link to sign up for the vaccine interest list.

Mesa County Public Health representatives are also available to respond to vaccine and other COVID-19 questions by phone from 8 a.m. – 5 p.m., at 970-248-6900. 

You can watch the full press conference by clicking here or viewing the video above.

WATCH: Campaign Encouraging Coloradans to Wear Masks

WATCH: Campaign Encouraging Coloradans to Wear Masks

Our Masks are Our Passport to the Colorado We Love

A new campaign encourages Coloradans to wear masks as much as possible when they leave the house, you can watch the public service announcement in the video player above.

In a news conference Thursday, Governor Polis said, “here in our great state, your mask is your passport to the Colorado we love, and will play an important part in keeping yourself and those around you safe. Studies show that men are particularly reluctant to wear a mask, because they think it makes them look weak or uncool. But real weakness is being too insecure to wear a mask and then spreading coronavirus to your family when you get back home. At the end of the day, wearing a mask allows us to enjoy more of the Colorado we love.”

Gov. Polis also signed Executive Order D 2020 092, amending and extending prior Executive Orders concerning non-medical face coverings, to provide discretion to employers and operators of places of public accommodation to deny admittance or service and require the removal of any individual who fails to wear a medical or non-medical face covering. This Executive Order takes effect immediately.

Gov. Polis Addresses Coloradans, Extends Stay-at-Home Order through April 26

Gov. Polis Addresses Coloradans, Extends Stay-at-Home Order through April 26

Governor Jared Polis addressed Coloradans directly Monday night and announced an extension to the stay-at-home Executive Order.

The Executive Order will now remain in effect until April 26.

“We are beginning to see the impact of the actions we have taken so far, but I can’t stress enough the importance of staying home during these next few weeks,” said Governor Jared Polis. “We have to keep this up for a little while longer in order to return to a level of normalcy in our economy and our society. Right now we need to dig deep into our souls to muster the resolve, the courage, the fortitude to carry on and do our patriotic duty as generations have done before.”

According to a News Release sent out from the Governor’s office, Colorado is beginning to see the impacts of the social distancing measures. The state has seen a 60% reduction in traffic on Colorado roads since the beginning of March and is beginning to see the effects of the stay at home Executive Order.

In addition, when COVID-19 first appeared in Colorado, the number of cases was doubling every 1.5 days, now it’s doubling every six days, meaning the spread of the virus is beginning to slow.

Click here to read the full text of the speech as prepared for delivery.

Watch the full address here.