Public Vomiting Reporting Line

As part of our efforts to prevent the spread of further illness, Mesa County Public Health (MCPH) is working to gather information about those impacted by the gastrointestinal illness, believed to be norovirus, spreading in our community.

This illness has a very sudden onset, with residents reporting a very short amount of time between not feeling well, and vomiting.  This is resulting in public vomiting events.

A public vomiting reporting line has been set up for community members to report public vomiting incidents that occur in public places within Mesa County.

If you witness or experience a public vomiting event, please call 970-462-7074. 

You can also report the incident online. Click here for a reporting form in English or here to submit in Spanish.

Knowing where people have been sick can help to ensure resources for proper clean-up have been provided, as well as educate those who may have been nearby the incident on their elevated risk of getting sick.