Beginning July 2016,
parents/guardians exempting their children from school-required vaccines for
non-medical (religious and personal belief) reasons will need to submit
documentation more frequently.
The latest Colorado
Department of Public Health and Environment (CDPHE) regulations require new
documentation at the following ages: 
  • Licensed child care
    facility age children – two months, four
    months, six months, 12 months and 18 months.
  • Kindergarten through high
    school age children – forms
    must be submitted annually

According to CDPHE,
this will provide schools, licensed child care facilities and state and local
public health with current and accurate exemption information for
decision-making during school outbreaks.
Exemptions forms will
also be transferred to the CDPHE Colorado Immunization Information System
(CIIS) for viewing by schools or child care facilities, unless the
parent/guardian chooses to exclude their information from CIIS.
Both medical and
non-medical exemption forms are available at, accessible on a
computer or mobile device.
If a family does not have access to the internet contact
Mesa County Health Department.
Our clinic also offers vaccinations, which are
provided on a sliding scale basis. Cost should not be a barrier for Mesa County
residents who wish to be vaccinated. Call 248-6900 to make an appointment.

Contact School
District 51 if you have questions about exemption regulations.