Students and parents make their way across 7th Street during their walk to Tope Elementary School, 2206 N. 7th St.

School District 51 students took to the sidewalks, trails and roads to walk, bike  or roll to school this morning for Walk to School Day.

Mesa County Health Department staff members walked to school with students, faculty and parents of Tope Elementary School and Orchard Avenue Elementary School. About 100 students met up at each of the designated drop-off points and walked to school together.

Check out the photos below to get a look at some of the fun!

Tope Elementary participants make their way up the walk to class.

Tope Elementary School students, parents and teachers walked to school together on Wednesday.

Tope parents and teachers assist students walking and biking through the crosswalk at 7th Street.
Mesa County Health Department staff members and Orchard Avenue Elementary School faculty members safely stop traffic on Orchard Avenue near Rocket Park to allow about 100 students to cross the street together.

Several Orchard Avenue Elementary students laced up their skates or roller blades for their morning commute.

Some parents rode to school with their kids on tandem bicycles. Scooters were a favorite, too.

We already can’t wait for next year’s event! Commuting via your feet is such a fun, refreshing way to start to day.